Travel Is a Worthwhile Investment in Our Team and Company

Our Oracle Consultants Inc travel program is a valuable part of our training system. Not only does qualifying for our trips inspire team members to exceed their own expectations, but they have chances to learn from and share best practices with industry leaders from around the world.

“I took 10 team members with me to our latest leadership conference,” stated Joshua, CEO of Oracle Consultants Inc. “We had a great time, and really got to know one another better.”

Joshua shared that he had two main goals in mind for the trip: first, he wanted to get around seasoned professionals who could teach us more about recruiting. Also, he wanted to show our brand advocates the scope of our industry firsthand.

“It’s eye-opening to realize just how much opportunity exists in this field,” Joshua asserted. “Business leaders from all over the country, from a variety of backgrounds, were being recognized for their achievements. It was inspiring and made us realize that if they can do it, so can we.”

Travel is a big investment, but one that pays great dividends. Our trips communicate our commitment to helping team members achieve their potential, and it’s our focus on personal and professional development that is the foundation of our success. We always provide content from our trips on our social media feeds; like Oracle Consultants Inc on Facebookto see what our team saw at our latest conference.