Some of the Benefits of Our Company Travel Program

Our Oracle Consultants Inc travel program is one of the ways we show our commitment to training and development. Along with our in-house curriculum and coaching, we send our team members to other offices for cross-training and also to conferences where they can learn the latest techniques from industry leaders.

Recently, four of our top producers traveled with Oracle Consultants Inc CEO Joshua Horton to a national event that has been nicknamed “Top Gun.” Heather B., Maggie E., Jackson W., and Jake P. spent a weekend sharing best practices with leaders from other markets while also attending speeches and workshops designed to sharpen networking skills.

Along with the learning that took place at Top Gun, people were recognized for hitting remarkable career goals. It was inspiring to learn what these people had done and hear stories about what they’d overcome. We came home with the belief that if they could succeed, then so could we, not to mention how motivating their financial feats were!

Not only does travel support our training, but it helps us build our team-oriented culture as well. Spending a weekend in another city with our colleagues creates personal connections and even friendships that can last a lifetime.

Business travel is an investment in success. Find out more about our commitment to learning and growth by checking out our Oracle Consultants Inc Newswire feed.