Oracle Consultants, Inc.’s Exciting Career Opportunities

Our Oracle Consultants, Inc. brand advocates are characterized by their fun, unique, and high-energy attitudes and mind-sets. We offer career opportunities that allow our people to achieve their goals while also living by their values. This combination of purpose and belonging is at the heart of being part of our team.

Does this sound like the right career for you? Then we might be the perfect fit.
Here are some of the benefits of working on our team:

Launch Your Career on the Right Foot

at Oracle Consultants, Inc.

Our training system is at the center of the Oracle Consultants, Inc. culture. It has a laser-focused purpose: to invest in our brand advocates’ development, so that each may build on his or her strengths. Why? Our goal is to empower all our people with the autonomy, tools, and support they need to succeed in all aspects, from goal setting to management.

In addition to comprehensive training, our brand experts also receive numerous chances to network. At conferences, training, and other gatherings, our people meet prominent influencers in our field. We want our people to have the confidence, knowledge, and connections to succeed. Networking is essential to realizing this goal.

Oracle Consultants, Inc. has the training and resources to become a leader in our fast-growing industry. Develop your skills in:
• Design internet, TV, and phone solutions that consumers want
• Manage time and the customer pipeline
• Represent top brands
• Set goals for yourself and others
• Oversee small teams

Join a World-Class Team

We are dedicated to building an irresistible team at Oracle Consultants, Inc. Here are a few characteristics of our group:
• Collaboration over competition
• Mutual success
• Synergy that enables unmatched results

Working with the best is about more than just having awesome teammates. Our veteran managers offer individual mentorship to our new brand advocates. Their coaching is based on their own insight and experience advancing in our field. Everyone on our team gives back by helping the whole organization succeed. Our people are challenged to be the best they can be every day, growing their skill sets through experiential learning. We set people on the path to lasting professional success.

Exploring New Places

We enjoy offering every Oracle Consultants, Inc. brand advocate opportunities to travel to destinations ranging from trainings to retreats in tropical locations. Exploring new places as a team is one way we give back to our ambassadors for their hard work, and a way we bring everyone closer together.

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